The Future of Education

The latest education trends every educator needs to know.

The world is changing fast, and it’s important that our children’s education changes along with it. But how do schools prepare students for the world of tomorrow? With all the information that’s available, how do you know if you’re making the right choices?

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Take a deep dive into the latest education trends, innovations, exciting cases, key statistics and education tools.

Learn about topics that shape the future of education

Cutting-edge technologies and innovative teaching methods are transforming schools across the globe, enabling educators to develop more effective and immersive teaching and learning processes, and future-proofing new generations. As the many benefits of these new, tech-enhanced approaches to education become clear, jumping on the EdTech bandwagon is no longer an option, but a necessity.
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Learning systems

There are many new learning systems available for students today. We offer insights into the latest developments in AI, robotics, mixed reality, 3D printing technology, and innovative learning environments.
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Teaching methods

New educational methods provide new opportunities to guide students to the future. We focus on topics like adaptable & blended learning, gamification, flipped learning, and more.
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In the world of tomorrow, our children will need new skills. This is the reason why we focus on skills of the future or 21st-century skills. You’ll receive updates on technical skills, STE(A)M & soft skills, workforce preparation, sustainability, new media, and more.
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Schools of the future

The school of the future is powered by creativity and technology, and incorporates IoT-enabled and virtual classrooms, innovation spaces, biometrics, and blockchain. We’ll provide regular updates to keep you informed.

The latest trends and innovations in secondary education

We keep you constantly updated on the important trends and inspire you with case studies, innovations and predictions from leading specialists, scientists and fellow teachers. Our statistics bring you close to the truth and provide insight, and with our education tools, there are no limits to getting to know the future even better.
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We constantly inspire you on over 20 education trends. From virtual reality and artificial intelligence to STEM and robotics – and everything in between. Your school will soon be fully up-to-date. And so will you!

Case studies

We will introduce you to case studies, innovations, pilots and forecasts from schools and education specialists from all over the world – a great way to learn from the experiences and successes of others. Your school will be able to innovate faster as a result!


Educational innovation is being researched in many countries. You will receive valuable information from us in a nicely designed format. Expect new innovations, skills, learning systems, statistics and many other topics within education. The statistics are based on the expertise of hundreds of thousands of teachers and education specialists.

Educational tools

Not only do innovative educational tools make a teacher's life a lot easier, they also simplify school processes and offer students new learning opportunities. But how do you know which tools are the best? We have selected them for you and are constantly providing updates and new tools to choose from.

The future of education comes to you in different ways.

We offer you an easy-to-use web portal, where you can find different kinds of valuable content. From clearly written articles, interesting e-books and whitepapers to downloadable presentations and inspiring webinars. This is how you stay informed about the future of education.
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Trend portal

You’ll have access to a well-designed portal, where you can find all the information. It’s the central hub for all articles, webinars, presentations, and reports. You’ll also get your own environment where you can store your favourite information.


We explain the trends in compelling, well-structured articles that are pleasant to read. All articles are enriched with striking images and videos that provide context.


We offer a large number of explainers, in which complex topics that play a role in the future of education are explained in such a way that they’re easier to understand.

Reports & whitepapers

You’ll receive attractively designed reports and white papers in which the trends are presented in a clearly-structured manner. The reports are available in PDF as well as paper versions.


We offer live as well as pre-recorded webinars to update you on the future of secondary and higher education.


You’ll have access to ready-made, downloadable presentations outlining the most current trends. A great way to inspire your school or organisation.

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Many innovations in education fail because the right information is not available. We have solved this for you.

A subscription gives you access to up-to-date information about developments in secondary education. You will receive statistics, analyses, forecasts, current technology trends and the latest startups and innovative companies.