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The Future of Education

Young generations are going to inherit the most technologically advanced world ever, where everything is increasingly digitalised. It’s important that their schools adequately prepare them for the future. We’re going to radically transform education. eIn the world of tomorrow we need new skills. Not just tech-related skills, but soft skills as well. Digital learning will provide tailor-made education and artificial intelligence will support teachers as well as students. Tomorrow’s school is a laboratory. Offline and online. A combination of learning and experimenting together. Are you already part of this transformation?


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Smart classroom

Smart Technology

Technology plays an important role in preparing students for the 21st-century workforce. AI-powered apps and platforms can personalise learning, while the use of robotics in classrooms can widen access to education by allowing sick students to attend classes remotely. Immersive tech like AR and VR can help students better visualise lessons they’re learning and better retain complex information.

Virtual classroom

Skill Of The Future

Schools need to make an effort to prepare students for the labour market and make sure they remain relevant in the future workforce. This means instilling new values and skills. To thrive in a technology-rich society, students need to acquire STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills. This way, students also learn to improve skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. The goal is that students become innovative problem-solvers and creators – essential for every aspect of future careers.

Artificial intelligence

Inovative Educational Methods

One of the biggest challenges teachers face is how to engage students who have grown up surrounded by smart devices. Today’s students have short attention spans, and educators need to reinvent their teaching methods to teach them effectively. By abandoning the one-size-fits-all approach and designing and implementing new teaching methods into the classroom, educators can accommodate their pupils’ learning needs.

Trends in Education

School of the Future

The learning environments of the future are increasingly becoming ‘informal learning spaces’ – flexibly designed, rich in technology, with plenty of room for experimentation, self-directed learning, and active group work. Within these ‘learning labs’, students will work together and with reflection, using new learning technologies and materials, such as wearables, gaming and telepresence technology, and 3D printers, to develop prototypes.



In many ways, people are no longer separate from technology. It is, therefore, important to keep an eye on the moral side of technological developments, consider the implications for the world of tomorrow, and ensure we take important ethical considerations into account. We need to determine our boundaries and voice our opinions about how people and machines should work together.

Online learning platform

New Educator Skills

The educator of the future is agile, can activate students’ investigative skills, and has creative abilities that allow them to innovate. In collaboration with companies, the educator of the future will put together a dynamic curriculum, in which innovative thinking and digital skills take centre stage. This way, we can achieve ‘lifelong learning’ for future generations of pupils and students.

School management system

The Future of Leadership

Emerging trends in education will have a direct impact on future leadership. New leaders will have to switch from a controlling leadership style to a more compassionate and relaxed model, where employees will have freedom and independence, rather than constantly being told what to do. Increasing productivity should become a priority, even if it means giving employees flexible work arrangements.

Soft skills

The Company of the Future

The organisation of the future is hyper connected. It closely monitors new developments and collaborates with start-ups, scientists, and universities. It uses smart algorithms to analyse the world and employs a flexible workforce capable of rapidly developing new education concepts. The organisation of the future requires accessible, inspiring leaders who are not afraid to veer off the beaten track.

This Futurist Has Chips In His Body CEO, Richard van Hooijdonk, is a trendwatcher, futuristand an authority on new technology. He has several Chip-implants, because he wants to physically experience the future. His inspiration sessions have been attended by over 550,000 people. Richard is a regular guest at radio and television programs

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The Future Of Education

Young generations are going to inherit the most technologically advanced world ever, where everything is increasingly digitalised. It’s important that their schools adequately prepare them for the future. We’re going to radically transform education.


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